missing scala.tools.nsc.Global with Play Framework 2 in Windows 7

I encountered following error while I was installing a fresh Play development environment in to my work laptop:

D3.js plugin - circular slide control

This circular control plugin for D3 is the main UI control of my recent metronome project. I’m not sure if I’ll ever finish the metronome, as I already found a really good one with timer, which I especially sought after, as well as loads of other features. I still decided to release this control as proper D3 plugin with unit tests and documentation. If you’re looking for basic example/template for D3 plugin, see http://bl.ocks.org/cpbotha/5073718.

Installing Play Framework and creating your first app

In this post, we’ll go through the installation of Play Framework in Windows 8 environment.

Learning Java-based web frameworks

This is the first post in my journey of learning Java-based web frameworks. I’m coming from PHP world, having worked mainly with Drupal and Laravel 4. PHP ones are nice in a way that they’re immediately usable after firing your XAMPP or such server. Java based ones have always had seemingly so steep learning curve, with all that necessary tooling, that I’ve not put in the needed effort to start learning them. Until now - I’ll be putting my hands in the clay, as the (Finnish) saying goes.